About the vacation home rentals

La Ventana Best Vacation is a business completely local, it means we only specialize in Home Vacation Rentals and Property Management at La Ventana and El Sargento areas, here in “the Baja” South California, with all that this implies like hiring maintenance staff and housekeeping personal to show the houses and properties as we received from the owners (and even better) and viceversa.

We started La Ventana Best Vacation almost 3 years ago when we realized about the increase of the national and international tourist to this area and the need for local property owners to rent their properties which hasn´t the correct marketing and advertising and we want with our efforts to satisfy the owners and guests needs the best way possible.

How can we do this possible? Trying to offer the best marketing ideas and choices with the correct property management and at the same time showing to our guest the houses qualities  and let them know they are getting the best prices and services.

La Ventana best vacation

About La Ventana and El Sargento

The towns of La Ventana and El Sargento offers us one of the most exciting sports in Mexico, the Kiteboarding better know only as “kite” it´s frequently practiced between the months of november through march, and with the right climatic conditions at the “Nortes” and Cerralvo Island creates a “Venturi” (very strong wind) that easily can reach the 30 knots, between 10am and 6pm you can enjoy excellent winds at La Ventana, the water temperatures and winds are frequently cold and we recommend to wear a wetsuit or neoprene, the water conditions are usually “shopy”  and if the right winds combines with a “swell” you will have medium waves.

Thanks to the big beach extension La Ventana is one of the best kite places around the world for this sport.

La Ventana is located 40 minutes from La Paz, and even you can take a cab from the airport we recommend to call a resident friend to pick you up and save some money.

Kite is not the only activity you can enjoy at La Ventana or El Sargento, we have a lot of fun doing fishing, hunting, relaxing jacuzzis and great parties, just to mention a few.